We Provide Complete Tree-Care Services

Heartwood Tree Care provides tree care services to residential and commercial customers. Our well-trained staff uses skills and the best tools to provide you quality solutions. Check out our services:

Expert Tree Trimming

Heartwood Tree care understands the importance of trees as an investment. To protect and manage your investments, we ensure you give the authority to a right hand. At Heartwood Tree Care, our certified arborist provides a free quote to guide.

Our experienced staff keeps your investment safe and healthy. We follow ANSI and ISA standards to maintain quality and safety.

Heartwood Tree Care
Heartwood Tree Care

Palm Tree Trimming

In Arizona, you get multiple options for your palm tree trimming. But, selecting any unauthorized landscape business puts you at risk regarding the health and insurance of trees. Typically, landscaping insurance covers workers up to 10 feet. Going beyond this could cause trouble for you. Also, palm trees which are not native of Arizona require special care.

Make sure you call someone who has insurance, equipment, and experience. Call heartwood tree care!

Safe Tree Removal

Safety is our priority. A simple removal-mistake can lead to injury or property damage. With our 15 years of experience in technical removals, we have the right tools and expertise to keep our crew and your property safe.


Heartwood Tree Care
Heartwood Tree Care

Fertilizing Trees & Health Assessments

Fertilizers are essential for trees. They act as multi-vitamin for trees and help retain water, which ultimately saves your water-bill and your trees. We, at Heartwood Tree Care, offer health assessments to examine your tree health and its needs for a healthy life.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding service will take out even the largest of stumps. We ensure to grind each stump several inches below ground level and remove surface roots too. If needed, we also accommodate future projects by doing deeper stump grinding, if needed.

Heartwood Tree Care
Heartwood Tree Care

Emergency Storm Damage

Arizona is infamous for summer monsoon storms that bring havoc. Unfortunately, if you or your neighborhood gets hit by a microburst or monsoon storm, do not hesitate to call Heartwood Tree Care.

Our team would be available at the earliest to clean up the mess. We also do preventative maintenance to minimize storm damage to your trees and property by pruning them regularly and keeping the end weight light.

Tree Planting & Planning and Construction

To give your trees the best start, we recommend planting them in a protected area such as a garden. After one-two years, when they are dormant, we transplant to the permanent location.

This occurs in fall, when leaves have dropped or on evergreen trees when light brown clusters form on the top and in early spring, when before leaves or new growth appears.

There will be more than one tree in your package. Remove the plastic bag around the roots, and the twist tie holds your trees together. Now, separate your trees and untangle the roots. Please note that the roots will be covered with a hydrating gel, which keeps them moist during shipment.

https://www.arborday.org/trees/planting/bare root.cfm

Heartwood Tree Care